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I'm Michelle.

I'm the coach at Live Creative Coaching. 

I specialize in helping creatives, entrepreneurs, and people making changes in their lives create big shifts over time through steady, smaller shifts day to day.

My passion lies in helping people discover more about who they are and celebrating each person's unique expression of creativity.


Whether you're looking to

  • make changes in your professional or personal life,

  • improve your business,

  • cultivate your creativity, or

  • find more balance in your daily life,


I am here to help.

If you're ready to take steps towards a more fulfilling life, I invite you to book a free 30-minute discovery session and find out if coaching with me is part of your next steps.

Let's work together to create the life you envision!


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My Approach

  • Create a welcoming, safe space

  • Listen with openness and acceptance 

  • Ask questions that guide you to the most productive places for growth 

  • Reflect back to you the insights you come to and offer my insights when I have them 

  • Celebrate and solidify what you discover

  • Help you build on your growth over time

Working with Live Creative

When you show up with the courage to be open and vulnerable, you guide me to the best ways to guide you, and together, we create amazing results. 

My approach is based on the belief that you already have all the answers inside you and the best way I can support you is to listen and ask the right questions and then witness you while you bring those answers to the surface. 

Read more about working with me to see if it's the right fit for you!



Choose between one-on-one coaching or a group workshop. If you're not sure what's right for you, send me a message or book a free 30-minute call and we will work it out together!



This offering provides one-on-one coaching support. You drive your progress, and I'm here to help you navigate as you move through whatever stands in the way of where you are heading. Together, we create amazing results as you take steps toward a happier, more fulfilling, and balanced life with each session. 

Free Discovery


During this free 30-minute call, we'll explore whether working together is a good fit. It's important that we both feel comfortable and confident in moving forward with coaching. This session will provide an opportunity for us to discuss your goals, needs, and any questions you may have about the coaching process.

Creativity Workshops

Connect with other creatives while you each discover more about your resource and energy flow, and build supportive community. These Creativity Workshops are in the works and will be coming soon! 


A Bit More About Me

My path to becoming a Certified Life Coach was winding. From being the supportive friend in high school who was often the sounding board for working out problems to putting casts on wiggling two-year-olds, helping has had many different faces over the years.


Now, helping looks like supporting people to create their most fulfilling lives, which happens to be me living my most fulfilling life. Win, win for both my clients and myself!

"Before working with Michelle I had many uncertainties in my life, not sure about my career path, and unclear if I should move countries. I felt very confused and lost and had fear about making such drastic life changes. Working with Michelle was, truly "Life Changing." She helped me uncover what I really wanted in my life. That helped take away all the fear I had, making me more confident in my decisions. One year later, I moved countries and completely changed my career path, and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Michelle for making the tricky parts of life much easier!"

Mira Tabbara, DU

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